The city of Shiraz is situated in the south west of Iran and is the capitol of Fars Provice. The city most likely dates back around 4000 years, early references to the city appear on Elamite clay tablets and refer to the city as Tirazis. Shiraz is known to this day as a city of arts and was the capitol of the Persian Empire under the Zand dynasty between 1750 to 1781.

Persian Shiraz carpets are made in the villages surrounding the city. The designs are similar to, Khamseh, Qashqai, Afshar, Abadeh and Luri patterns. As most Shiraz rugs are woven on fixed looms. the carpets are generally larger and have a coarser feels than their tribal equivalent.

Shiraz rugs are rarely produced in factories, instead most are woven in weavers homes before they are taken to the main bazaar to be sold. This is where our buyers select the best pieces for export to the UK.

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